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Pergolas Brisbane Southside

Why Build a Pergola in Brisbane Southside?

If you live in Brisbane Southside, you know how hot the weather can get. Pergolas are the best solution for those still wanting to sit outside during the sweltering summers without overheating. There are two types of pergolas: completely covered or open pergolas. Covered pergolas are similar to carports, with a solid backing and roofing. On the other hand, open pergolas use timber slats to cast shade over their platform area – creating a cool space underneath.

The most significant difference between pergolas and patios is that pergolas are built separately from your home. In addition, pergolas use fewer materials, are easier to build, and are quicker to construct. They create an island of shade in your garden where you can relax with friends and family in the Brisbane summer weather. Pergolas also encourage vegetation growth around them, which is always a bonus.

Advantages of Pergolas in Brisbane Southside

Well-designed pergolas offer many advantages to homeowners in Brisbane Southside. These include protection from the sun, outdoor space making, and mini gardens, which increase your home’s value. Pergolas create islands of shade in your garden or outdoor space, making them the perfect protection from the sun. So enjoy gatherings with friends and family or read in the shade while feeling the cool breeze on your skin.

In addition, pergolas make for great mini-gardens, allowing for hanging plants and more. They provide shade for those plants that don’t like direct sunlight yet allow enough light for the plants. Pergolas can also increase the value of your home. Families in Brisbane Southside are willing to pay more for a home with a pergola – that’s how sought-after they are. Contact Sunstate Design & Construct today for a quote on your new pergola.

Choose Us to Build Your Pergola in Brisbane Southside

We have a team of over 15 designers, architects and highly-trained builders ready to build your new pergola. Our client-centric design process allows you to sign off on all the designs before we submit them to the council. Then, once the drawings and plans are approved, we’ll quote you on the materials. This way, we’ll meet your budget while still choosing the best quality materials for the project.

Our supervisor will conduct on-site inspections throughout the pergola project, ensuring everything goes to plan. Our professionals are ready to respond with affordable solutions for unforeseen issues. Before you know it, the job will be complete, and your new pergola will be ready for the Brisbane Southside summer heat. Our team will conduct a final inspection and clean-up before allowing our clients to sign off on the project

Sunstate Design

Choose us for your shade structure project in Brisbane. We consider your home’s aesthetic and match your design to the structure of your choice.

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